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Turbomolecular pumps, magnetically levitated
  • Pumping speed up to 3,200 l/s
  • Magnetically levitated
  • Compound stage versions available
  • Stable system performance capability; high pumping speed and high compression ratios for all gases
  • Easy system integration
  • Temperature management system (TMS)

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Cold heads for cooling cryo pumps/cryostats
  • Refrigerating capacity:
    two-stage models down to 8 K
    single-stage models down to 25 K
  • High refrigerating capacity from the smallest volume
  • Resistant to particles and deposits
  • Simple operation by key-press
  • No need for liquid helium and liquid nitrogen

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Refrigerator cryo pumps
Vacuum Systems
Solutions / Engineering
  • System solutions - tailor-made concepts based on customer specifications
  • Integrated forevacuum and high vacuum pump systems for custom requirements
  • Worldwide engineering, production and service centers
  • Global project coordination
  • Custom software programming and customization
  • Constant product improvements and innovations
  • On-site commissioning and training

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
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