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RUTA Vacuum Systems
Multistage vacuum systems
  • Custom designed backing and high vacuum pump systems for customer- specific requirements
  • Oil-sealed/dry compressing
  • Pumping speed and ultimate pressures adapted to the process
  • Additional high vacuum stages facilitate operating pressures up to 10-7mbar C

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
High vacuum pump systems
  • Pumping speed 33 to 600 l/s
  • Ultimate vacuum down to 10-10 mbar
  • Completely preassembled as a benchtop unit with turbomolecular pump, frequency converter and fore-vacuum pump
  • Control unit for automatic or manual operation optional

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Genuine wear parts and consumables
  • Range for all commonly requested spare and wearing parts, widely available in practice-oriented parts kits
  • Pumping speed and ultimate pressures adapted to the process
  • Spare parts are subject to the same rigorous quality requirements which apply to our pumps

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
Calibration Systems CS
Custom vacuum calibration systems
  • Universal calibration systems with a special vacuum chamber, turbo- molecular pump system, vacuum gauges and additional components depending on the calibration pressure (heating jacket, separate pump system for admitting gas, et al.)

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
Experimentation and coating systems
  • Multipurpose systems for the production of functional layers
  • Modular system configuration, wide range of accessories
  • Customized system solutions
  • Variable chamber sizes

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
Vacuum oil, pump fluids and special lubricants
  • Special vacuum oil in 5 star quality for highest demands, qualified according to proven standards
  • Mineral, ester, PAO and PFPE oils
  • Permanent quality control
  • Oil analysis services for process control and optimization

    (For inquiries, pls contact Regenaire)
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